I’m Emo

I still cannot believe this blog exists after 10 months of abandoning it. I’m not really sure if you would remember me… I’m Chocolatemonstar (can you believe I still use this username until now? BTW it was created when I was 9 years old). The early days of my blog were depressing, considering that I often uploaded low quality drawings (drawn by Microsoft Paint) and posts about Dork Diaries (it was a trend once upon a time). As time passed, I began to realize that my art was actually horrible, and stopped doing it. I then uploaded traditionally drawn illustrations onto this blog. Surprisingly, they were decent artworks (but I deleted them anyway). A year before attending middle school (2015), I met some pretty awesome Internet friends (I’m not sure they even remember me now) and joined Kanimedreams as a writer. I stopped doing this until the first month of 2017. For ten months, I completely forgotten the existence of WordPress. AND HERE I AM.

I swear I have repeated this before. Erasing everything on my blog, abandoning WordPress, and then making an unexpected comeback (nobody wants). Anyway, if there’s any of you reading this (perhaps not), I have been busy. Actually, no. I have been slacking off so bad. Ever since the start of this year, I have been doing nothing. Literally nothing. The only thing I have accomplished this year is gaining a degree in Procrastination.

Anyway, I started watching and studying films (my current ambition is to become a cinephile). Well, I guess I did developed a new hobby… so technically, I did something.

I really should stop writing now. I don’t even know what the purpose of this post serves.

If you have finished reading this post, congratulations. You have wasted a few minutes of your precious time.


Side note: I’m thinking of using this blog as an… online portfolio. I’m not quite sure what to upload but I’ll certainly return to this blog again.



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