i am surprisingly not dead

It’s me (god i should stop saying this ever time i go on a long ass wordpress hiatius and come back for a day), Chocolatemonstar.

Chocolatemonstar. I cannot fucking believe this is the nickname I chose when I was nine years old (yes I started my blog chocolatemonstar.wordpress.com six years ago). i started wordpress after making some friends in the dork diaries website forum. great days. days when i drew shitty on microsoft paint and uploaded it on my blog. days when i was obsessed with the dork diaries series and wouldnt shut the fuck up about it (nobody asked but my favourite book series is the millenium trilogy).

three years ago, i moved to australia. i continued blogging and even had the chance to run a blog named kanimedreams, owned by my online friend yuki who i havent emailed in years (if youre reading this yuki, i miss ya). back in the days, i was crazy about kpop and anime (surprise surprise). bigbang, shinee, tokyo ghoul, attack on titans and the list goes on and on.

anyways, let’s skip the boring part. by the end of 2017, i had completely forgotten about the existence of my wordpress blog. 2017 was a crazy year for me. my family had difficulties applying for PR in australia (we actually got rejected). we eventually decided to return back to korea, leaving my sister by herself as she needed to finish college.

here am i, in a crappy town located in korea, recollecting my scattered memories. i never realised how time passes by really quickly.

– lsris (chocolatemonstar is gonee)





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